Congratulations on your purchase of a Wax Sealing Stamp Set!

The instructions for creating your wax stamp seal are all pretty much the same.  The difference is how to melt your wax.  We will go through each method of melting your wax and then go on to the stamping instruction!

Dripping wax off of a wicked wax sealing candle

  1. Light the wick and hold the wax stick at a slight angle with the lit end down.
  2. Hold the stick directly over the area where you want to place your wax seal.
  3. Allow the melting wax to pool on your project.
  4. Make sure you have enough wax to cover the width of your seal!
  5. Go to Stamping Instructions

Melting wax off of a non-wicked wax sealing candle
This is the most traditional style of sealing wax.

  1. Slowly hold the wax above the flame of a candle (about 1” away)
  2. When a marble sized amount of wax has softened (not dripping) apply it with a circular movement where you want your seal to be.
  3. Rub it around and down until you have a pool the right size and desired thickness.
  4. Pull the wax straight up.
  5. Go to Stamping Instructions

Melting wax in a spoon and pouring it in place

  1. Have a heat source available such as a small candle
  2. Cut a few pieces of wax into the melting spoon and hold it over the flame until the wax is almost completely melted. (If you melt it too much, the wax may be too thin and will run on your project!)
  3. Pour the melted wax onto your project slowly
  4. Waiting a few seconds before pressing the seal in the wax will give the stamp more definition
  5. Go to Stamping Instructions

Using a glue gun to melt your wax

  1. Insert the wax stick into you mini glue gun
  2. Bring the gun to temperature. Rest the gun on a heat safe surface (I always use a silicone pot holder)
  3. Point the nozzle of the glue gun where you want your seal to be and pull the trigger
  4. Wait about 10-15 seconds before you press the seal in your wax
  5. Go to Stamping Instructions

  1. Once you have a large enough pool of wax, press your seal into the wax by pushing it straight down
  2. Let the seal sit for a while so that the wax can cool some.
  3. Life the seal straight up out of the wax.If you are having a hard time lifting the seal from the wax (the wax won’t let go of the seal), then allow your seal to rest on the wax until the wax is completely cooled, then you can lift off the seal!

Tips & Tricks
For strong waxes, rest your seal on ice before stamping into the hot wax.  (This will quick set the wax and allow the seal to easily release)

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